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Underground Utility Service Contractors

The McKenzie Contracting underground utility team has the experience needed to properly meet your installation, removal and repair needs. Before the first shovel goes in the dirt we take the time to properly investigate and survey the entire work site to reduce the possibility of mistakes being made. We also work with you to craft a plan that’s sensitive to your budget, the surrounding environment and ensures that all of your pipes are aligned and routed properly the first time. We have experience using all types of pipes like concrete, corrugated galvanized, clay, ductile, HDPE, PVC and steel. We have strong experience making sure that our underground utility projects properly feed into large water supply networks, municipal sewers and storm drain systems throughout the state of Florida.

McKenzie Contracting is an experienced site development company with much successful public and private projects to date. We’re licensed, insured, bonded and adhere to all local, state and federal regulations when performing our duties. If you’re in need of underground utility services and want an experienced firm that is going to treat your project with attention to detail whether it’s big or small, call McKenzie contracting or fill out the contact form.


Underground Utility Services Include

• Fire Main Construction  • Fireline Installation
• Underground Leak Detection • Storm Drains – Installation & Service • Pipebursting
• Trenchless Sewer & Pipeline Rehabilitation • Sliplining

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Featured Projects

Tampa International Airport Box Culvert Installation

Tampa, Florida

We installed Box Culverts at the Tampa International Airport People Mover Project beginning in 2014. The purpose of this wet utilities project is to ensure that we keep the water flowing in the right direction so the roads and access ways in the immediate vicinity are usable. Box Culverts are rectangular concrete structures used in managing and storing storm water. They can be used where natural water sources need to go around an obstruction like an underpasses, service tunnels subways or bridge.

Services Provided: Wet Utility Construction, Mass Grading, Storm Drain Installiation, Box Culvert

C.W. Bill Young Reservoir Drain Install – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida

We installed a drain for an existing reservoir which was initially operating in 2005 and was taken offline in 2012 because it had abnormal cracks in the erosion-control layer. The work that McKenzie Contracting did to helped the 15.5-billion gallon C.W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir come back online and make the region’s water supply more drought resistant, reliable and flexible. Surface water from the Tampa Bypass Canal, Hillsborough and Alafia rivers is stored in the reservoir during wet times. During dry times, when river is unavailable, water stored in the reservoir is withdrawn, treated and blended with other supplies to serve the region.

Services Provided: Wet Utilities, Drain Installation, Earthwork, Land Clearing
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