Site Development

Site Development

The McKenzie Contracting Site Development team has the experience needed to make sure that your construction project goes smoothly. Site Development, earthwork, trenches, and grading services are literally the foundation on which you plan to build your project. Make sure that the company you choose is going to give you the solid foundation you need to be successful. Over the years we’ve found that our expertise in Site Development comes from three main components. First, we take the time to understand your end vision for the site and then take the necessary steps to ensure the work we do makes it all possible. Second, our understanding of possible challenges comes from dealing with every possible scenario in site development; we’ve seen every possible scenario and have become a stronger company because of it. Finally, our site development team has worked on multiple projects throughout the United States; we understand all types of terrain and can likely identify a problem which is less likely to occur in the state of Florida.
We see site development as doing anything it takes below the surface of the earth and at the earth’s surface to make it possible for you to build a structure, create a manmade lake or anything else which is necessary for a planned development to occur. What we do in Site Development can be classified under a few different categories like…


Land Clearing Services Include

•  Boring  •  Grubbing  •  Bush Hogging
•  Earthwork  •  Land Clearing  •  Pad Construction
•  Mass Grading  •  Fine Grading  •  Drainage Facilities
•  Trenching  •  Access Roads
• Parking Development

McKenzie Contracting is an experienced Site Development company with much successful public and private projects to date. We’re licensed, insured, bonded and adhere to all local, state and federal regulations when performing our duties. If you’re in need of Site Development services and want an experienced firm that is going to treat your project with attention to detail whether it’s big or small, call McKenzie Contracting or fill out the contact form today.

When your
site development job is

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Featured Projects

Zephyr Estates Road Construction

Zephyrhills, Florida

We did a drain install and road construction for Zephyr Estates. We had to remove the existing road install the necessary drainage systems and replace the road.

Services Provided: Excavation, Road Construction, Striping

Tampa International Airport Excavation

Tampa, Florida

We did this excavation to make it possible to install a future concrete pad. We made sure there were no underground utilities and dug carefully to mitigate any unforeseen issues in an area which hadn’t seen much development recently. The extra care that we took in this process was fruitful and helped make for a successful project.

Services Provided: Earthwork, Land Clearing

Tampa International Airport Concrete Repair

Tampa, Florida

The Tampa International Airport Parking Garage has been in use for many years and we were called in to fix and stabilize a few detreating areas. We removed the concrete in the picture and poured new concrete in its place.

Services Provided: Road Construction
Our Experienced Team is Ready to Complete Your Challenging Site Development Project with Ease.

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